Friday, July 26, 2013

Finding A Balance

Isaac has been a little turkey lately with a mild trach infection. Nothing too crazy going on right now as we have him on Tobramycin nebulizer treatments. That usually helps kill the bacteria, but I'm still waiting for the culture to come back. For the most part he's on room air during the day and a little 02 at night. However, he made things interesting last week for the  nurse by needing 5-6 liters while asleep! Just when we were getting ready to pack our bags for the ER he took a turn for the better. One of the challenges now is that he's allergic to oral Septra, which instantly gives him a stomach bleed, so his options at home are limited to nebulizer treatments or IV antibiotics. Aside from that, Isaac is having a relaxing summer. How can you not love this angel face? No matter how gray my hair gets, this sweet face is well worth it. 

It seems we've found our balance with the nursing schedule lately, which has greatly improved our family life. I've been able to take Autumn and a friend swimming on Wednesday afternoons and Friday evenings Sam and I have a date night. I enjoy Friday without a nurse here in the morning and being able to just chill with Isaac without the people in the house. Even with the medications I follow my own schedule and he enjoys getting a bath from me and extra snuggles. It's all about balance. Speaking of bath time...

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