Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Update

It seems I have neglected my blog more often since having a smart phone because it's so easy to post something short on Isaac's facebook. But, there are relatives and friends I know who really enjoy this blog and I still enjoy posting here (as long as my keyboard cooperates). So let's backup a little since my last post. Isaac had a great last day of school. It seems like just when the teachers got attached to his sweet face it was over. It was totally worth it though to see how he liked it and what the future holds. 
Big Sister attends a Christian school and on the last week they handed out awards for the 5th graders. Although she gets good grades and getting an award for academics is a big accomplishment, from a Christian perspective the "Love of the Word Award" made me proud. Mainly her teacher mentioned that she has a heart for the word and the desire to go on missions when she grows up. She's very serious when she talks about this, even though she's only 11. She also wants to be a Physical Therapist for special needs children like her brother. I had to hold back the tears because after everything she's gone through with her brother there is a definite purpose for this girl. That was loud and clear on this day.
Isaac only has a few appointments coming up. The main one that is of some concern is the eye appointment. The Ophthalmologist was suspecting some things at the last appointment that I'm trying to not stress about. I have chosen not to go into detail for quite some time until we know for sure what we're looking at. For now he's happy and loving life and that's all that matters. As day at a time.                                    

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