Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Birthday and An Illness

Isaac had a nice birthday chilling out, playing with his balloons and watching movies on his TV that Daddy mounted close to the ground for him. We also rearranged his playroom so that he has more room to roll around. Can you say spoiled? Yeah, he's the king! We were supposed to take him to an animal farm, but the weather wasn't good with a wind storm and cold temperatures. We also sang "Happy Birthday" to him 100 times and each time he lit up with his sweet smile. He can never get tired of that song no matter how many times we sing it to him!

A couple of days ago Isaac started having a high heart rate and acting lethargic. I wasn't too concerned until he started needing 3 liters of oxygen and he normally doesn't need oxygen at all anymore when he's well.  Then he started spiking a temp of 103, which is scorching for him since his baseline is usually 96-97 degrees (he doesn't regulate his heat well). Yesterday morning even though he had Tylenol, he had a seizure related to the fever. It's very unusual for him to ever have a seizure. He's only had a couple seizures that I know of when he was an infant. I decided after talking with the Dr. to take him in to the ER. Surprisingly they didn't admit him, but sent us home on antibiotics. One of the antibiotics caused him to have bad GI reaction already so I had to discontinue that one. So far his fever isn't as high so hopefully things will just get better.. It's hard to see my buddy sick, especially since he has been doing so well. 


Anonymous said...

I feel bad for you Cola...prayers

Michelle said...

Sending you warm hugs..prayers for healing and strength!

The VW's said...

Thinking and praying for you both! Love and Hugs!

Great idea for the tv! : )