Monday, March 11, 2013

To School Or Not To School?

Recently Isaac had an IEP meeting and his Special Ed Teacher asked if I would consider trying out school for Isaac in the spring. Since bringing Isaac home from the NICU, all of his therapies and schooling have been home based. I have been eternally grateful that he has been able to stay away from the germies due to his immune system and trach, however this time I didn't feel hesitant like I have in the past about trying out school. The classroom he would attend would be very small (around 5 other SN kids) so he wouldn't get too overstimulated. He would also probably go for short intervals at first. 

I've noticed that Isaac has shown changes in his health in development over the past year. Even with a bad virus he has been able to stay out of the hospital or has had illnesses for a shorter amount of time. Also, in the past he always just seemed aware of what was right in front of him. His environment that he payed attention to was very limited. Lately we've noticed he's much more aware of his surroundings. He also has a greater understanding of what we are saying to him or are going to do.

Before I get too excited, there are a few major details that have to be addressed. One of them is getting the Pulmonologist to write an approval letter agreeing that Isaac is healthy enough to do this. Once he sends that to the school we have the go ahead. This could take some persuading on my part when we take him to his appointment on the 19th. The Pulmonologist tends to go on a more conservative side of things. I would also have to make sure that one of my trusted private duty nurses could attend with him. My understanding is that they would prefer that a parent doesn't hang out at the school, so there would have to be a nurse.

So prayers are needed that this would all work out for the best.

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