Sunday, March 24, 2013

A New Accessory And School

Over the past few months Isaac has been biting his wrist when he's scared or excited. It drives me crazy because I think "ouch" that would hurt! For Isaac it's actually soothing and helps him feel better. I don't want him to hurt himself though so Sister found this magic bracelet in her craft bin and it's helps him to be a good boy. Honestly though he is 100% angel besides this minor issue.

So Isaac's Pulmonologist gave the OK for him attend school next month. After spring break I get to meet with the teacher and fill out information about his health (yeah that should be easy ha ha). Then the nurse for Mondays and Tuesdays has to get fingerprinted so that she can attend with him. He will probably start out 2 days a week since this is a whole new endeavor.

Recently at one of Isaac's appointments some kids were very interested in him and his iPad so they crowded around him. I was getting annoyed since one girl was really loud and her brother had a cough. Where were their parents? I don't know. Anyway, I thought to myself "I better get used to this." However I will be making sure that he has a sign attach to his stroller that says "please don't come within 2 feet of my bubble." I was thinking though how I couldn't imagine even considering trying school a couple of years ago. The risks just didn't outweigh the benefits. It will definitely be an adjustment and we will see how it goes so that we can decide what to do in the fall.

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Anonymous said...

My best wishes for Isaac's new adventure.