Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Buddy:(

Isaac caught a nasty virus from big sister over the weekend and hasn't been feeling so great. He went from looking like this...

To this....

And the numbers were not looking so good yesterday with his resting heart rate between 140-160 beats per minute. I would have to do some major power walking on the treadmill to get my heartbeat that high. This usually means that he's working harder to breath and getting a fever.
It almost seemed like he was turning a corner on Sunday, but yesterday was a different story as he was very congested and just plain miserable. I put him to bed and on the bi-pap machine at 8pm, which is super early for him. When the nurse got here he had a temp of 101.5 and was needed a significantly higher liter flow of oxygen than usual. 

Isaac is a tough little guy these days so we're hoping to kick this in the butt with nebulizer treatments and meds. The usual routine for sending him to the hospital would be if he was needing more oxygen than our household can supply. Hopefully that doesn't happen at all, although I hear that the new ER for children at the hospital is pretty cool. I just don't want a tour anytime soon!

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The VW's said...

Hoping and praying that he starts feeling better soon! It's so unusual to see a picture without his big smile! : ( Love and Hugs!