Saturday, April 21, 2012


What can I say? This little guy is such a trooper!! Would you look this good right after coming home from the hospital and having 4 incisions in your chest? I wouldn't! 

As usual Isaac doesn't skip a beat and was just a little tired, but his usual happy self. The Dr. removed the current port-a-cath and replaced it with a new port-a-cath on the side of the chest. They also took photos of his eyes while under anesthesia. (his pupils are still a little dilated in the photo). The Ophthalmologist said there were a few abnormalities in his eyes (retinas etc.) but nothing that would warrant him having something degenerative or serious. We will follow up with the doc in a few months. I'm just glad it's over with! I was a little stressed because my husband was going to have hernia surgery on Monday, but they cancelled it due to some extra lab work they want to do. Hopefully they can schedule it soon though since he's in pain. Poor guy! 

Now on to our nursing situation. Our amazing nurse Danelle is moving to Michigan and Thursday was her last day:(( She will be very hard to replace and we will miss her more than words!! The agency is in the works of filling those shifts that she worked.

Never a dull moment around here!

It's a BEAUTIFUL day and we are probably taking little man to the park. I haven't had a chance to comment on blogs this week...know that I'm thinking about you! 


Junior said...

such a champ, so glad you guys are home from the hospital and the surgery went smooth. hugs

April said...

Oh he is such a sweet heart- he is so brave- and still has his happy spirit shining through!