Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Isaac had a happy Easter weekend going to the park, being with family and checking out the colorful eggs. He was very fascinated with them!
He was so tired from the excitement that he fell asleep in his toy box with his new bunny Daddy got for him. So much is going on right now including Isaac's birthday coming up! I still have some planning to do for his "Cars" theme. Autumn and my Nephew just went to a brand new school today and rode the bus for the very first time! My husband has a hernia and may need surgery very soon, but hopefully not in the same week as Isaac's surgery for his port. Also, One of our favorite nurses just announced that she's moving away and her last day is the 19th. Why do the good ones have to leave? So I'm going to meet a couple of nurses this week and see how I like them. I may need some prayers and positive thoughts for strength!


Anonymous said...

I love the sleeping in the toy box pic! I never saw him even though I was there yesterday. Praying for you all.

Love, Mom

Devon said...

LOVE these pics!!!!!!!!!!!!