Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back On The O2

So the oxygen is back in full swing lately. Isaac has been a junky boy in his lungs and needing the 02 during the days and nights...the amount has been all over the place. The nurse and I felt 2 molars coming in that may be throwing him off. No fever, no yellow color in his trach so he doesn't have an infection. He's been a good sport though as we've been giving him more neb treatments. We just have to pull out a few more tricks to get him back to baseline.

Last week he got weighed by the dietitian and he finally hit the 30 pound mark! That is really small for someone his age, but at least he's growing.


Junior said...

Isaac that is a very cool shirt and I bet you can play a great tune on your instruments.

Praying his lungs clear out and he can get back off the oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Isaac, it looks like you are really enjoying your Christmas toys, especially all those you can bang on and make your own tunes. Hope your Oxygen levels pan out. Love you, little boy.

Love, Gammy

Lacey said...

Everyone I know has been sick, so I'm just being thankful there's nothing in our house..yet! He looks happy though!