Friday, August 6, 2010


For an update. The little man is doing fantastic and is stylish as usual. He's been a very busy boy lately. He's a super roller and I often tell him that he must be rolling to California. It's just so nice to see him well for a long stretch enjoying playing and moving around. Autumn and I have been enjoying the summer together going to the pool, waterslide, movies, play dates and bike riding. I'm riding a bike for the first time in YEARS. It feels so good because it's really good exercise and helps me de-stress.

We changed Isaac's food recently to more of a blenderized diet. It has helped him so far with his GI issues and will hopefully help him grow. Grow little man, grow!
We continue to have lab work done to check Isaac's glucose levels. As I mentioned earlier, it was extremely low. So far everything is coming back normal. I guess he was just trying to keep me on my toes. On Tuesday he has an eye appointment to see if he will still need his tear ducts reopened on the 26th.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Way to go with the rolling! :) It sounds like things are going great. I am getting my sister's bike this weekend because she doesn't use it. I am so excited to start biking and getting some excersize! :) I have a trailer for Emily even. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying it.

I hope that you love doing a blenderized diet as much as I do. It has been SO good for Emily! :) Check out the Bebea Cook. It is awesome!

Devon said...

Sounds like a good summer so far. I hope the new diet works out well!!!

Skye is the Limit! said...

Everytime I go on your blog to see your posts I gawk over the picture! So handsome! If I say it again, Im sorry! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Isaac you need to start growing like a weed. And, I loved it when you rolled all the way to California to see me, and I looked down on the floor and saw a cute little man who rolled far to see me.

Your Gammy