Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Still off of oxygen during the day and most of the night.

A record.

I always dreamed that someday he would eventually lose this accessory, which would make life much easier. I finally concluded that he would probably need it for the rest of his life. Once again, Isaac runs the show around here and he gets to decide when it's time.

We had a very lazy memorial weekend. Just how I like it. It was gross weather so we spent it as a family watching movies and playing video games. Sam and Isaac snuggled up and watched music videos together. Isaac was laughing so hard when Daddy played the record scratch part from rap music. Silly boy! Continue to pray for Carters family as their sweet boy went to heaven on Sunday. My heart was heavy when I read the news, but I know that he's in the loving arms of Jesus now.

Rest in peace sweet angel!


Colleen Diedrich said...

I loved reading your recent great news! You keep up the great work and keep amazing everyone lil' man!

Colleen and Ian in California

Devon said...

LOL on the record scratching! And yay on the no o2!!!!!
I'm sorry to hear about Carter. Prayers for his family.

Janis said...

Awesome news about the O2, it will really help you both to do without it. YAY!!!

I'm so sad about Carter and also Ben Orton who passed this weekend.

Junior said...

Way to go Issac, that is wonderful.

Yes, we were so sad to hear about Carter and Ben both earning their wings this weekend. Prayers for the families

Anonymous said...

Way to go little man! No oxygen and No getting scared like you do with high pitched noises!? So you like the record scratching sound as well as rap music. You are a silly boy! You never cease to amaze me. That's my grandson!

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Lacey said...

We had a nice weekend at home too. But I'm glad because the next few weeks are hectic! I'm trying to figure out how to get to Carters funeral and still get everything done this week!