Friday, January 29, 2010

It Must Be Friday

Here we go again....Isaac was doing fabulous until yesterday when I came home from the grocery store. The home nurse told me that he had a temp of 101, high HR and respiration's.


How did that happen??

There's been a few colds going around at Autumn's school and she's been getting over one too. It's much as I try to keep this boy away from the germies, I'm afraid we can't totally avoid it. The common cold with Isaac usually involves much excitement, such as neb treatments every 4 hours, possible pneumonia and lots of prayers that he doesn't end up in the hospital.

Even though the Pulmonologist office is recommending that we get him evaluated at the hospital, I want to try treating him at home. Since he just got over c-diff, I don't want him going to that hospital so that they can pump him up with more antibiotics. No thank you!

Prayers please that we can get through the rest of the weekend hospital free!

Friday Afternoon Update: The temp is down to normal now. Maybe we will avoid the hospital after all. :)


Team Carter Jay said...

Oh no! So many sick boys right now.:( . I'll be praying like crazy.

Lacey said...

Sheesh, here's to both of us staying put at home! I agree that there's too much more to catch at the hospital.

Devon said...

Stay home Isaac!!! We are praying it was nothing and you all are ok!!