Monday, November 9, 2009

Ear Trouble

Isaac made Friday morning a little interesting by bleeding out of his ear and trach. We had an appointment scheduled already with the audiologist to follow up on his hearing aide, but we ended up canceling that and just going straight to the ENT. I was worried that he may have ruptured an ear drum or something, but the doctor looked inside his ears (which Isaac wasn't too happy about) and prescribed us ear drops for a possible infection. He wasn't himself for a couple days, just wanting to sleep, but by Sunday he was feeling pretty good and happy. The thing with Isaac is he never gets a fever, so we never know when he has an infection like this. There are pros and cons to having a child who gets a fever. At least it is kind-of a nice alarm to let you know when your child has an infection. Isaac's temp is always very cold. Usually around 96 degrees fahrenheit. His brain doesn't regulate heat well.

He's been showing some developmental progress that's unique for him. One thing he likes to do now is play games. He likes to play is a counting game where he taps our hand until we count to 10 or 20. He smiles so big when we count around him! We're also noticing that he doesn't want to sit still for very long. He can't do much with his gross motor skills because of his very low muscle tone, but he wants to move as much as he can when we put him on the floor.

Have a great week everyone!


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Cjengo said...

Emily always had horrible trouble with her ears, and ended up losing 30% of her hearing in her right ear. I am sorry the lil guy had an infection, those stink. I am so happy to hear about the progress tho, many hugs!!!