Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Weekend

Friday we went to the hearing center and got Isaac's hearing aide. The audiologist could see that he was extremely sensitive to the noise so she suggested that we only try 1 aide for now in the left ear to see how he tolerates it. Then if he adjusts to that we can move on to 2 hearing aides. He came unglued in the office when we first put it in, but so far at home, he seems to be OK with it. He usually wears it during story time or when he's playing his game in the stander. One concern I have is that he's getting abrasions in his ear after wearing it for only a short while and I don't know if this could mean that it's not fitting him correctly.We had a nice time on Saturday celebrating my daughters birthday. She wanted to go bowling to celebrate that she doesn't have a broken wrist anymore so we went cosmic bowling. Then we had her friend stay the night and ate shrimp and ceasar salad with ice cream cake for desert. Yum! I know I said this before, but I still can't believe how fast this girl is growing up!
Sunday afternoon it was beautiful outside and Isaac had fun playing with leaves and listening to them make a crinkly sound. Then our little neighbor friend entertained him while he played in his johnny jump up.


Alicia said...

I hope the hearing aide issues work themselves out.

That is such a beautiful picture of Autumn. I am so glad you all had a great weekend of celebrating her birthday!

Hope said...

Beautiful pictures. They look so happy. I hope the hearing aid issues get better!

Junior said...

Great pics, Issac looks like he had awonderful time. Happy Birthday to Autmn

Anonymous said...

Yep, what beautiful children! Am I a proud Grandma or what?!

Autumn's birthday was a lot of fun! Loved spending that time with them.

Love, Gammy