Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Whole New Level

So I took Autumn to the orthopedic doctor today so that they could get an xray of her wrist and remove the old stinky cast that she has been wearing for 3 weeks now. She got a new cast today that she will have to wear for another 3 weeks and then she will be done for good! Well, that is unless she falls off the monkey bars again.

So you know you have reached a whole new level as a parent when.......

Your daughter asks you if it would be ok if she could bring her old, stinky, dirty cast to school to show her friends and I say "sure, why not, that would be cool!"

Or when you go to pick up your sons prescriptions at the drive thru pharmacy and they have to send the medications through the tube 3 times in order to deliver it all.
Or when your son needs 2 liters of oxygen while sleeping and you breath a huge sigh of relief because you know he's probably getting better.


Junior said...

Colleen we can sure understand that "whole new level".
Issac looks great, love that smile he always looks so happy

Alicia said...

Amen!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, that is a new level of parenting, in fact it's a different kind of parenting altogether (lol!). Isaac is such a unique loving and happy little boy that is so well loved by everyone. And Autumn is also a unique girl. I am prejudiced about them both, you know, me being their grandma. At least they both keep your life from ever getting boring!

Love, Gammy

Anthony's Family said...

Very well written! You represent most moms very well. (((HUGS)))