Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Little Hero

So I'm excited. A photographer from The Littlest Heroes Project called me yesterday and she's coming over next week to take professional photos of us and our little guy. We tried getting professional photos taken of us a few months ago from someone the hospital suggested, but we had no luck. Then I read about this program through some other blogs. Thanks for the suggestion!

My grandparents are up from California this week so Isaac got to get some snuggle time with his Great Grandma Habecker. She just loves him to pieces. Here's a photo of them together...Here is the little man enjoying the sunshine in his saucer today.....
In case you're wondering what the pink tub contains, it has dried pinto beans in it, in which Isaac loves to swish his feet in and hear the swishing sound.

Please continue to keep Isaac in your thoughts and prayers as we finally finished Tobi after being on it for a month and Septra after being on it for 2 weeks. We would like him to stay as well as he can be for awhile.


Janis said...

I was just thinking are those his feet in beans?? Great sensory tool Mama!! I hear ya on the TOBI we start again Oct 1st...but (knock on wood) Austin has remained well for 6 weeks...a new record! We got our LHP pics done last month, they should be here any day -- I will share!!!

Junior said...

praying that Issac stays well. Can't wait to see the Littlest Hero pics. We contacted them but they haven't found a photographer in our area yet.
Love the pics, so cute, you can tell he loves being outside

Alicia said...

Oh, I am so excited for you. Our Littlest Heroes Project experience was wonderful!!

The Great Grandma picture warmed my heart. Marissa met her Great Grandpa when she was only three weeks old. He had cataract surgery in a hospital just down the street from Children's in Denver and he came to see her when he was discharged. It was the only time they ever met and I am so glad I have this story to tell her about her Great Grandpa. Those moments are so important.

Marissa used to play with the pinto bean tub in OT. It really did her a lot of good. I am so glad Isaac loves it too!

I will definitely be praying for Isaac to stay well. Have a great day!

Trina and Jophie said...

ahh great on the photographer! We contacted them as well and are still waiting on a photog in our area. Haven't forgotten you. Let me get through this weekend. It's crazy mad with Jophies annual benefit. I'll be able to breath a bit more once we get this behind us then I can get with you on the trach collars...

Talk soon!
Trina and Jophie