Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am totally spent! while trying to recover from the tail end of this cold, Isaac caught it and has been captain wheeze in both lungs. As we move closer to the weekend, I may have to call Pulmonology. They were probably wondering why it's Wednesday and they haven't heard my voice yet! Autumn has my cold too and she stayed home from school today as I didn't want her to share the love.

BTW she's getting her cast removed next Thursday, YAY! Since her birthday is just around the corner (October 17), she wants to celebrate having her wrist back by bowling. It doesn't seem possible that my little girl is turning 8!

Well, as promised, here is that smiling face in his brand new blue stander.
Have a great rest of the week everyone!


Michelle said...

I am sorry you are sick..that rots...but I can't help but giggle at your wordage. Sharing the love...what a hoot! So much junk going around right now. Scary. Yay for de-castation!! Ha ha, you like that word?? My kids have fun bowling. Loving the pic of Isaac---so adorable!!

Junior said...

Hope you are all feeling better in a hurry.
Issac I love seeing you in your new stander, Junior has the same one(just bigger) and loves it. Have fun

Heidi said...

I just cannot get over how happy sweet Isaac is ALL the time, even when he has a lousy cold.
Praying you all recover quickly and this passes without affecting Isaac too much or having to call in.
Love you all and will be praying for your health.
Heidi Wehde

Trina and Jophie said...

Awww now thats waayyy cute! Blue speed racer baby! Now drag out the checkered flag so he can do laps and get the offical wave of the flag..LOL

CYE girlie...All caught up and ready to bling up your little munchkin ;)

Trina and Jophie

Anonymous said...

Yep, what a cutie even with a cold and all wheezy. What a trooper he has always been. You look like a cutie bug in your stander, all smiley and rarin' to play. I am sending up prayers for you to heal quickly from this ickey cold with no complications.

Gammy is taking some sign language classes this summer, so i am learning to help any deaf children.

Lots o' love and smootches,

Hope said...

I hope you're feeling better today. Could he get any cuter?!

Alicia said...

I'm sorry the "love" is being shared a little too much at your house... no fun!! Praying for it all to clear up and leave Isaac alone. He is so stinkin' cute, btw. I LOVE his smiles!

Cjengo said...

Oh get better soon!!!!