Monday, June 8, 2009

The Boy In The Bubble?

Autumn with her awesome teacher Mrs. Holbrook
Hello all, so I thought I would type up an update while I have some time. We have good news and we all like hear good news don't we? Isaac had an in home assessment done through the state today and they decided to keep him at his current home nursing hours. Phew! I was sweating that one with all of the budget cuts that are going around. On a low note, Isaac's immunoglobulin levels are still very low. Are we packing our bags for Seattle? Heck no! The dr's office suggested that for right now we see how Isaac does over the coarse of the next 6 months infection wise and then from there we have the option of seeing a specialist in Seattle if we choose to take the next step, which would be IVIG therapy. He doesn't have "the boy in the bubble" syndrome, but he does have an immunodeficiency, which just means he is more susceptible than the average person to infections and viruses.

Autumn's last day of school is this Wednesday and she's so sad to be leaving Concordia. The above pic is of her and her AWESOME teacher Mrs. Holbrook. I can't say enough about the school and what a blessing it's been while adjusting to life with Isaac the past 2 years. It's right behind our house and when Isaac was at his most fragile moments that first year a teacher would walk her home. Next year Autumn will be attending NW christian schools, which will be a nice transition for her as we know families there from when she attended back in the preschool days.

Well that is all I have to report for now. Isaac is as healthy and happy as HE can possibly be for HIM today so we will take it!



Pauline Salter said...

Dear Colleen & family
Stopping in to say hello and glad to hear your nursing hours for Isaac have not been cut.
I think of you all often and keep you in our prayers daily.
Sending our love & blessings across the miles.
Pauline & Miss Lena

Junior said...

Great news that no nursing hours were cut. So happy that Issac is healthy and happy, hope he(and the rest of your family) has a wonderful summer with no illnesses.

Alicia said...

Awesome news about the nursing hours! I'll be praying the next six months (and beyond, of course!) brings good health for Isaac.

I'm sure Autumn will do well in her new school. She seems like a very well adjusted little girl.

Janis said...

Hey good news on the nursing hours. And of course GREAT news on NOT being the 'boy in the bubble'. Sorry he has immuno issues but hopefully he will do well over the next 6 months.

A Journey With Hope said...

I am crying reading your poem, I can't stop. You are such an inspiration and a wonderful mommy!

Michelle said...

Yay for nursing hours! Our home nursing situation ended by me firing the last nurse we had almost a year ago. I just haven't been able to allow myself to have to try to deal with it again even though I know it would be helpful. It is just so stressful.

That sucks about the immune tests. They did some prelim tests on Lillian last time she was in the hospital bc she has been so sick this past winter. Of course, since our children's hospital is not good about follow up, there have been no other tests. I was starting to think she was a bubble girl. Does Isaac have trouble with his PMV when he gets sick? Just curious, bc Lillian does. Anyway, I'm happy for you and the nursing hours!!