Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's a bird......It's a plane......It's Super Sister

Autumn's book she made about Isaac called "The Cute Boy"

This is Autumn, Isaac's amazing older sister (in case you didn't already know that). You wouldn't know it by looking at this sweet girl dressed in pink that at 7 years old she already has a red belt in taekwondo. That's right, if anyone tries to cross her path or mess with her special needs brother she may have to break out the moves!

Taekwondo is not only good for self-defense, but is also very good exercise and has really helped improve her ability to focus. Autumn has always struggled a little with her attention span, so this has helped her (and us) a great deal. Believe it or not this is not just a boy sport. There are several girls in her class. Before she can go up a rank in taekwondo we have to fill out a home report by giving her a score ranging from 1-3 on how well she cleaned her room, did her homework etc. Well one of the questions says "is she nice to her sibling?" Autumn always gets a 1+ without a doubt for being such a good sister to Isaac!

Autumn has been through quite an adjustment the past 2 years. She was an only child for 5 1/2 years and had our undivided attention. She was the star of the show. Then along came Isaac, after 4 long months in the NICU he came home with a house full of nurses, medical equipment and stressed out parents. You get the picture? Even though our life had been turned upside down, Sam and I agreed to try our best at making life as normal as possible for her by allowing her to enjoy just being a kid. This includes allowing the neighbor friends to come over (as long as they are well) or going to an after school activity with her Dad such as taekwondo.

Autumn LOVES her brother and likes to make him smile at her. It's so cute to see his face light up when she sings him the ABC song. She doesn't stress out like the rest of us over his disabilities or health problems, Autumn just looks at him as a cute boy who just needs some extra help.
She views him through the eyes of a child. While we were visiting Isaac in the hospital a few weeks ago she wanted something do so I gave her some paper and markers to play with and 10 minutes later she wrote a short story called "The Cute Boy."

"The Cute Boy"

Once upon a time there was a one year old little boy named Isaac, and there was his sister who loved him.

Her name was Autumn.

But the mother also loved him.

He had a thing that most people didn't know about. It was called a...........

Chromosome disorder.

Some might make fun of him, but it's nothing to laugh about.

He couldn't walk, talk, eat, pick up things very well.

But one day he got sick when he was two and the girl was sad.

But a few weeks later he was well and the girl was happy!

The End.

Isn't she cute? I will be updating in a couple days on how the ENT appointment went and when the big scope is going to be.



Junior said...

Oh what a sweet big sister. Her story about Issac is so cute.

Alicia said...

Isaac is so luck to have such a kind, loving and wonderful big sister. You are awesome Autumn!!!

Amber said...

Oh my goodness!!! Eat her up...we would all be so lucky to have a sister such as Autumn. :0)

Kacey Bode said...

That is SO cute!! What a great story, if only everyone could think like Autumn!! Issac is very blessed to have her as a big sister, as she is to have him as a little brother.

Anonymous said...

My Autumn-boo,

You are the best sister anyone could ever have! Just like your Mama said, "God planned it all out that you were born first because he knew you were the right person He chose to be the sister for Isaac." Not everyone would be up for the job, but you are made of the right personality, strengths, and ability to do the job as a sister to a special needs child. You are so loving, caring, and accepting than most children are. May you hold that dear to your heart, and use this about yourself to pave the way for acceptance of disabled children by other kids who don't understand as well as you do!

Love, Gammy

Janis @ SneakPeek said...

What a SWEET and adorable girl you have there Mama. That story and picture are awesome!! Issac is so lucky to have you both.

PS: My son loves Monkeys and likes your blog template. Guess I should have consulted him too. LOL.

joan's blessings said...

What a beautiful story...he is so lucky (blessed) to have you for a sister!
I always say that hannah has the best sisters for her too!

A Journey With Hope said...


You are so blessed! Autumn reminds me so much of my older girls- a fabulous big sister!!!!!!! She has learned the best lesson, that we cannot teach, true compassion and empathy for others. She is AMAZING!!!!!!