Wednesday, March 6, 2019

It's Been Awhile!

Hello, its been a very long time since I posted on how we are doing!

I just happened to stumbled upon my blog this morning and thought to myself "hmmm I need to write in this thing." So much as changed and so much has also stayed the same. Isaac still lives in a  group home for medically fragile children that's just 10 minutes away from our house. I try and visit him about 2-3 days a week. He has a blast when I see him because I make him laugh so hard. He loves his visits with us, especially on Sundays when all 3 of us usually come and see him after church.
Julie, his amazing nurse still works there and is a familiar face for his happy soul. He still amazes me with how happy and content he is. I don't have to worry about how he is doing when I'm not there (unless he is sick) because I know he is his happy and content little self.

The group home has been a blessing for us, but something we definitely had to get used to. Surprisingly I have only gotten positive feedback from others who knew the struggles our family went through, especially when I literally fell apart and everyone was going down with us. I love how involved I can be and still feel like a "person" again. Still, there will always be a whole host of mixed emotions.Some positives from it has been more time with my daughter who by the way is 17!!! Sam and I just went to Hawaii a couple weeks ago for our 20th anniversary.  I also got a part-time job at a thrift store that I enjoy.

Isaac is going to be 12 in April!!!! Remember when a milestone was for him to turn 5? He is getting HUGE and nearly impossible to pick up. He still attends school in the fall and spring, but remains in the home-bound program during the cold and flu season. Isaac has been in okay health. The worst was probably this past year when he had to have 2 separate urology surgeries and ended up really sick after each one. He still gets IVIG treatments for his immune system deficiency about every 3 weeks. A nurse from the infusion center comes in and gives him his treatment for a couple of hours while he watches movies. Recently he's been pulling tricks with his blood pressure and so he recently saw a Nephrologist to find out what might be going on. We are still waiting on the lab results of that. Then he might have to go on some BP medicine.

I'm sure there is SO much more I could write right now. Sister is already in college! She started a program where she goes to college and also gets high school credit at the same time. Because of Isaac, she wants to potentially do something in the medical field. She's driving and growing up fast! Her hobbies still include girls wrestling, violin and being a social butterfly as usual.

Well that's all, hopefully I can start remembering to write in this again. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to be part of our journey!

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