Tuesday, October 21, 2014


It's been almost a month now since posting. Since then, Isaac got a tracheitis illness and needed oxygen and more suctioning. He's been on antibiotics and nebulizer treatments for about a week and a half now. I'm surprised it took this long to get an illness with school and all.  He's doing really well now and handling the 3 full days of school. He definitely needs the 4 days off to recover. By then he is very tired. It's so cute to see how excited he acts in the car when he knows we are going to school. The staff there is wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better environment for him.

Autumn just celebrated her 13th birthday! We had a 1980's theme and the basement was decorated in black lights. It was fun and her girlfriends LOVED it.  We had a contest to see who dressed the most like the 1980's and a scavenger hunt to find 1980's stuff.
I still can't believe I'm a Mom to a teenager, but I have to say we have done well so far. She is an extraordinary kid! We are getting excited for her first concert with the youth symphony. It has been a wonderful experience of growth and learning with the violin.

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