Monday, June 2, 2014

ER Visit

Isaac has been a little under the weather this week with congestion and and a fever, although it seems like I've been calling the Pulmonologist office at least once a week over the past month due to him having on and off illnesses. I don't know if it's school germs or what's going on. So lastnight after his temperature and heart rate kept going up we spent 5 hours in the ER and they did a chest xray and a trach culture. Poor buddy looked flushed due to the fever.
They are pretty sure that he has tracheitis/respiratory related infection. Isaac is allergic to Septra because it causes a GI bleed after just a couple doses. Our alternatives are not that great so we are trying an antibiotic that he's never been on before. The side effects and interations seem a mile long, which makes me a little nervous. We will see how it goes.

Hopefully the buddy can get better and enjoy the last weeks of school. 

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