Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday Month

It's birthday time again! It's as if April comes along and I start to feel 100 different emotions. He has far surpassed the time he was supposed to be here so I'm grateful everyday for that. However, the birth if your child is suppose to be a happy day to look back on. The birth of Isaac wasn't exactly an easy time period for us. Even though I celebrate waking up everyday to his cute face, April is a time to reflect. A time to heal.

Sometimes healing means going through the emotions as if the events had just happened and that's OK. After reflecting there is strength to move on and move forward to how things are today.

I am thankful that we have a story to tell....a testimony of strength, courage and love. Here's a video I made of our journey.

#1 Kleenex warning!

#2 It's very long too (2 songs).

#3 It's awesome.

click on the link below.....

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