Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ever since school started for both kids it's been very busy. After I drive Autumn and my Nephew to the school bus, I try to get my house together for the next home-based session for Isaac. Did I mention that I try to get myself together too? 

If they are lucky I might have a clean shirt on or my hair brushed. If they are REALLY lucky, I've had my first cup of coffee for the day. This is his current schedule....

Speech Oral Private--Monday mornings (bi-weekly)
Physical Therapy Private--Tuesday Mornings
Teacher School--Wednesday mornings
Speech School--Thursday at Noon
Occupational Therapy School--Friday mornings (bi-weekly)

While I'm ETERNALLY grateful for these services and AMAZING people, there are some days between the therapy sessions and the nurses that I just want a moment of solitude. BUT I won't complain because Isaac's sweet and happy face reminds me everyday that there is ALWAYS a reason have a good attitude. 

This morning the teacher and I were working on goals. Currently he's getting better at choosing an activity, toy or song on the ipad app. Now we are integrating understanding, recognizing, pointing out colors, shapes, numbers or animals with repetition. Even though these seem like very small goals, it will be exciting to see how he does!

Then there's big sister. Talk about busy! She recently started a new martial arts program with her Dad called Ju Jitsu (spelling?). I always thought of her as being really girly and wanting to take ballet lessons or something like that, but she's been in martial arts for 5 years and still loves it!  Also, she just started a strings class at school and is playing the violin.  Usually a noise like a violin would scare Isaac to death, but surprisingly he enjoys listening to her play songs for him.

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Michelle said...

WOW! Its so great to hear all those good things he's doing in school.

I can so remember those days when people were coming in and out of the house all the time...I think I finally gave up and they all saw me at my worst...

You are so right about the attitude part!

Autumn can still be a girly girl..just a dangerous one...:)