Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pool Time!

Summer is the ideal time to take kids to the pool, the lake and to play in the sand. Unfortunately sand and water don't mix well with a trach, so sometimes we have to get creative about summer fun with Isaac. Today sister and I found the perfect solution by putting his saucer in the pool. This way he couldn't fall into the water. He had a great time!

Nothing really exciting and new going on since Isaac has been doing so well lately (insert whispering so that Isaac doesn't hear me). The home nursing situation seems to be going better and I've been impressed with our Wednesday morning nurse. Last week he saw the ENT Dr. and it looks like he will be getting a bronch (scope of his airway) and his ears checked out under anesthesia towards the end of August.


The VW's said...

Great idea for the pool! He looks so cute and happy! Glad he's doing well! Hugs!

Michelle said...

What a good idea~ he looks to be enjoying himself. :)

Anonymous said...

How creative! He is soooooo spoiled! I love it! I am at the Pizza place next door to Tully's listening to their hip-hop and getting free Wi-Fi.

Love, Gammy