Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lazy Summer Days

We have been enjoying the summer, even though the weather hasn't been cooperating much. It's been nice not having as many therapists coming to the door so that we can just chill out. Autumn has been a good sister and adores snuggling with her brother in the hammock outside. 
My husband has a green thumb around here and does an amazing job with the yard and garden. These are the hanging flowers he got for me for Mother's Day. They are beautiful!
Isaac had us thinking that he was getting sick again a week ago when he needed more oxygen and his heart rate went up. I'm a little more hypervigilant about these things with 3 PICU visits in the past year. Imagine that!  I made an appointment with the Pulmonologist last Tuesday. Of course he was feeling good while we were at the appointment and he's been fine ever since. Always keeping me on my toes. Little turkey!

The Pulmonologist is also an Immunologist and wants to do some more testing on Isaac's antibodies. He still says that he probably has an immature immune system and wants to see why he gets certain infections more often than others.

Autumn has been feeling much better with her digestive issues and the Dr. wanted to start weaning her off of the medication. So we tried that, but she starting feeling sick again. She has a week long church camp coming up in August so my goal is to have her off of it by then. It would be a pain for her to have take medication at camp, but I wouldn't want her to feel sick there either. Praying that everything goes smoothly and she can just have a good time! I also signed her up for golf lessons. Maybe she can learn how to play golf like her Grandpa Billy. He told her on Father's day that she was a natural with how far she can hit a golf ball over the fence;)

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