Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snuggling & Appointments

Isaac has been getting lots of snuggle time with his big sister lately. It's so nice to see him feeling good!We had a few appointments this week. During one of Isaac's lab draws recently he had a strange red rash around his portacath. The nurse was afraid that he had cellulitis around it so I took him into his pediatrician to get it checked it out. He wasn't sure if it was irritation or infection and told us to take him into the ER if he got a fever or the rash looked worse. Of course after getting gray hairs over that, later on it disappeared! Meanwhile it's been hard to access lately and he's had the same one for over 3 years, so he's overdue for a change out.

The surgeon I met with yesterday was not the same one who put in his port 3 years ago, but I was very impressed with him. He seemed to know his stuff and most importantly was great with Isaac! He will do the procedure mid April. I was going to schedule it sooner, but somebody has a big birthday coming up!

We also saw the Ophthalmologist and she increased his prescription for his specs. She noticed some abnormalities in the pigment of his eyes that was there last year, but she wants to look further into it when he's under anesthesia with the surgeon. She didn't specify what this meant exactly and said that it could mean multiple things or nothing. I will try not to worry over it, but I can't help but wonder.


Anonymous said...

The two kiddos are so sweet together. Try not to get too any gray hairs Mama. We've been through far worse.

Love, Gammy

The VW's said...

Such sweet pictures of your kiddos!

Hope the procedure goes well! And, hoping for no more scares for the Momma! Hugs!

Junior said...

love the snuggle pics, so sweet. Prayers that the port surgery goes well.