Monday, February 27, 2012

What's New?

Isaac is still being his smiley self, even though he's probably been accessed a dozen times on his port-a-cath.
The Doctor wants so many labs done due to his dehydration issues lately and the tendency to go critically low on his Potassium levels. Even on a very high dose of Potassium, his levels have been low. The port has been such a blessing since he's had it (3 years now). It's a device underneath his skin on his chest that's used for lab draws or IV medication. Normally chemo patients have it, but many kids with chronic health issues have it too. Isaac was a good candidate for it since he spent so much time in the hospital his first year of life. We apply lidocane (numbing cream) to the area before the nurse comes out to access it. Before we know it it's over! No veins, no pain, no suffering! The good news is that I just got the final results for Isaac's C.diff and it's negative! YAY! Thank goodness!

Today is the big brown dog's 6th birthday. On Friday I have to take her into the vet for X-rays because she's been limping a lot and acting like she's in pain. Poor girl! Hopefully everything is OK:(

Happy Birthday Brownie!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Isaac! And Happy Birthday Brownie! You are both special.

Love, Gammy

The VW's said...

Love that sweet smile!!! Yay for no more C-Diff! Hope his dehydration issues clear up soon....what a blessing to have that port! Love and Hugs from Gavin and I!

Lacey said...

I think I need your doc to come talk our doc into getting a port! I plan on showing the pics from his last blood draw, and I'm hoping when he is admitted i can talk a doc into it. Keep your fingers crossed!