Friday, February 10, 2012

Not Going Home

Well today I had Isaac's room all ready to go, the nurse was on her way, and then the hospital called. They said that his lab work isn't good and is showing that he's dehydrated from losing lots of fluid due to the C.diff. When I went to see him last night he was in a good mood and looked like he had good color. He still had a low grade fever though, which is a mystery. From a breathing standpoint he's doing fantastic. I don't think they could possibly give him any more antibiotics at this point, so as soon as they resolve the dehydration issue he's coming home!

It's been a rough week. Big sister has been struggling with Gastrointestinal issues lately. She missed 2 days of school and I had to take her into the Dr. twice to figure out what was going on! You can imagine my stress level trying to balance taking care of that and also feeling like I'm neglecting Isaac while he's up at the hospital. We finally got the issue somewhat resolved with her and she should be feeling much better soon! Yesterday was one of those survival days where I just had to pray that I had the strength to carry on. A Mama can only deal with so much!

Next weekend I'm looking forward to dating my husband for an entire weekend! A much needed break for us. Our anniversary is on Valentines Day....13 years.

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Charlene said...

Hope all is better. P{rayers for all of you. Charlene