Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a nice Christmas as I hope you did too!

Christmas Eve we had a relaxing evening with my Mom. The kids got to open their presents early since Christmas Day was going to be very busy with my in-laws. Isaac was excited about opening his presents, but he really enjoyed listening to the sound of the paper inside the bag. I love the look on his sweet face!
Most of the toys he got are good for his fine motor skills and hand limitations. He loves this new drum. He was getting sleepy after opening a bunch of presents and his O2 sats were getting low, so I had to put him on the oxygen for awhile.
It has been nice not having to worry about appointments or therapy sessions right now. I'm really enjoying a mini vacation from the usual!


The VW's said...

Love his smile! Glad to see he enjoyed Christmas! : )

Junior said...

Merry Christmas. Isaac that drum is very cool, I bet you can play some great music. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hey Isaac, between having drums, xylophones, etc. you could start yourself a band little rock star! (lol!)

Love, Gammy