Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long Week

This week has been a little crazy so I haven't had much time to post. There have been parent teacher conferences and tons of planning for Autumn's double digit birthday party this weekend. It's going to be a hotel slumber party with her best friends. I'm going to be so worn out by the end of it, but it will be so much fun!

Isaac is doing well and
occasionally needs the 02, which is par for the coarse this time of year. He's been enjoying his home visits from his teacher and therapists. We are so very blessed to have them come to the home and work with him so that he can stay well. We are working on loosening up his legs and hips because ever since he came home from the hospital he's been so stiff. Who knew that laying in a hospital bed for 6 days would make such a different in his tone.

I was also talking with the PT and teacher about getting some kind of mount to hook onto his stroller so that the
iPad would be closer to him. It seems like when I place the iPad on the tray he wants to hold it up to his face. The school district is letting us borrow this device to help us decide if it would work for him. Super cool AND he can't throw the iPad on the floor anymore!
On a very sad note my Grandfather (we call him Nanu) is not doing well, so please pray for my family on my Dad's side, especially my Grandmother. It looks like he doesn't have very long. He looked peaceful the last time we saw him and Autumn was happy to get a big smile out of him even though he was unable to talk to her. I can't say enough good things about him. He will be greatly missed!

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The VW's said...

Have a fun time at the birthday party! Sounds like a big day for your girl! Glad Isaac is doing well! Love the pics of him with his IPad! Prayers for your family, concerning your Grandpa! Love and Hugs!!!