Monday, September 12, 2011

The Weekend And The Sickies

Isaac had a very eventful weekend. On Saturday we went to my in-laws house because big sister needed to collect bugs for her science project. It was a hot and sunny day, but Isaac chilled out in the shade next to a peaceful waterfall. I just love this pic...he looks like he doesn't have a care in the world!On Sunday we took him to the fair for the very first time in his entire life! This was a HUGE deal. He did really well with the noises, except when we walked past a rooster call. He didn't know what to think of that!
Checking out the bunnies....Waving at the turkeys...I love this because we call him our little turkey.:)Happy to be with his Mama and sister.....Checking out the goats and one tried to eat Isaac's stroller for lunch!
On a not so positive note, Isaac had a rough night last night and needed lots of 02 plus a temperature. I don't think this illness has anything to do with the outings as he was needing lots of 02 Saturday night. I thought that maybe it was just the probe since he was doing fine while he was awake. It appears to be some kind of trach infection so I sent in a culture today to the lab.

The challenge? It could take up to 2 days to get the results and treat him with the right antibiotics. In the meantime we hopefully won't be visiting the ER between now and then. So prayers are needed that we can treat him at home.


The VW's said...

Praying you can stay home, and that you are feeling better soon! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Isaac, you look just like a little guy laying on a sandy beach on a leisurely vacation! How cute! The goat looks like he's about ready to eat your footsies for lunch, too!

Love, Gammy

Junior said...

Love the pic of Isaac chilling out in the shade. Feel better big guy.

April said...

Oh I hope the sickies are gone soon! Love that picture of him enjoying the sunshine!