Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Isaac had a fun Labor Day going to pig out at the park, an event downtown. I was somewhat stressed out because of the crowds.....I'm not used to being around big crowds with the boy and it made me nervous because I was afraid that he would be on sensory overload or someone would sneeze on him. Seriously, I need to chill! He had fun checking out the ducks and he waved hello to them. A family there with an almost 2 year old asked me how old he was because they thought that he was the same age as their son....ha ha. Isaac is so super small that he looks like 1 1/2 to 2 year old too. Next week I want to take him to the fair for the first time. I can tell that he's starting to notice the animals more when I take him to the pet store. He was really concentrating on the dogs and fish the last time we went there and enjoyed petting a yellow lab.

Isaac should be starting home based school next week. I was getting used to not having a revolving door and that will all change very soon! We are very blessed to get the services that we have between the school district and private therapy coming to the home so that he can stay well during the winter months.

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