Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just A 1/2 Smile

Isaac is home and well, sorta happy. He still has that "I don't really care" look on his face. Even when I sang him his favorite song I could only get a 1/2 smile out of him.
The good news is that he's out of that place and back where he belongs! We still have some work to do here with medications to get him back to his baseline. Thank goodness I have the nurses to help me out with some of it.

Autumn had a harder time than usual with this admit. She is very attached to her brother now and was sad that he had to be in the hospital. She came up with me a few times to love on him. I'm so glad that she can do that at home now.
Now let's hope for a smooth respiratory season from here on out!


Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Glad he's home and halfway happy at least ;)Michelle H.

(I figured out I can comment if I leave it anonymous, so if you get an anonymous comment with no signed's probably me, bc I foget to type it in..)

Junior said...

so glad he is home, hope he recovers quickly. big hugs