Monday, August 22, 2011

Finding A Balance

Summer is coming to a end soon and we have been trying to make it fun and memorable for big sister. This life with a medically fragile child and a healthy sibling is hard. Finding a balance and meeting both of their needs isn't easy at times. Trying to meet Isaac's medical needs, therapies etc. AND making sure Autumn has some normalcy in her life is a team effort. I'm so grateful for Sam and his ability to do things with her that I can't easily pick up and do with the boy (especially with the trach.) Last weekend they went camping and spent the entire day at the water park. Yesterday we took her and a friend on my Dad's boat and she had a blast!Then there's my little homebody. Sure he enjoys outings and we have made more of an effort to take him places now that he doesn't always need the 02. He's the happiest little boy when he has his home routine (bath, stroller ride, same movie everyday). If his routine is off he gets easily stressed. If we take him to a place with loud noises or too much stimulation he's ready to go home after a short while and back to his familiar environment. One funny routine we started with him in the evening is snuggle time with "Little House On The Prairie." He gets excited when the song comes on and Autumn loves snuggling up with her little brother. They are so cute together!


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how hard it is to balance both kids' wanting to go to Yellowstone, the other wanting to stay home and watch Nemo (lol!) They are both so cute together!

Love, Gammy

Lacey said...

I can't wait to take my boys on my cousins boat when we move. I know they will love it. She looks like she had fun!