Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Whew! That was a long weekend. I'm so glad it's over with! Isaac came home last night and he's doing well. It will be awhile until he's totally back to baseline with the 02, but there's a major improvement since being on antibiotics for pseuodomonas. I took this photo of him and big sister snuggling the day before he went to the hospital. I really do have sweet kids!
Thanks again for the nice comments, thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you really do sweet kids! They are definitely the most sweetest kids in the whole world! What! this a prejudiced remark?! Who else would ever say something like that except maybe a grandmother?!!

Love, Gammy

Lacey said...

Love this pic. She is sound asleep, and he is ready to play!

April said...

Oh I'm so glad your home. What a tender picture... sending all my love!