Friday, May 6, 2011

Isaac Says "I Love You" To His Mama

Since Isaac has many hand limitations, signing I love you isn't an option, BUT he can say it on the iPad. Of course I wish my sweet boy could tell me vocally, but I'm thankful that he's able to tell me any way he can!
Here he's saying that he wants a toy. Each time he touches the star it changes color and it says another word.
Isaac has 4 of his favorite toys to choose from. He chooses the iPad this time.
Good choice!
You're probably wondering how Autumn is doing. She's feeling much better. They sent her home on Monday with 2 strong antibiotics. Yesterday I thought she was ready to go back to school, but apparently it was too soon because she felt tired and weak and spent time in the sick room. So today she's resting some more and will hopefully have more energy by Monday. Thanks for the prayers. It's always 10 times harder to have a healthy child sick when you already have a child with medical issues. Isaac still isn't on room air, but hopefully we can work on those lungs and he'll be back to baseline soon. I'm hoping from here on out we stay well because we are planning a mini vacation soon, which will be HUGE for us!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the awesome Mama's out there!


Devon said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I seriously thnk the iPad is one of the best things ever invented...especially for special needs kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Yesiree, he loves his Mama. And, Isaac is a lovable little boy. You're doing great with your high-tech toys.


April said...

HAPPY mother's day! So fun to see your little guy enjoying the ipad!!

Our little Miracles said...

We have been thinking about getting an iPad. A friend has let us use theirs while Braden is in the hospital. What apps does Isaac seem to enjoy most?