Monday, May 23, 2011

Big Sister

Big sister Autumn is slowly getting better. Her Dr's office finally found the type of pneumonia she has with some tests. It's a form of walking pneumonia that's apparently hard to beat. She's on another type of antibiotic now. I was very frustrated with them because it took forever for them to finally diagnose and treat her correctly. Since having Isaac, I'm not afraid to be a squeaky wheel when a Dr's office doesn't get it together. I don't think they knew who they were dealing with!:)

Other than possibly having a mild trach infection, little man is doing well. We took him to the dentist today because he's driving us up the wall with this teeth grinding thing he does. Even the nurses are freaking out. He doesn't seem to do it at night, just during the day when he's bored. They didn't seem to have any advice for us, but they said that his teeth don't look like they are in bad shape from it.

The dietitian came over today and said that he hasn't gained weight since her last visit, but he gained a whole inch in his height! Little man is still way below the charts, but at least he's growing!

I cut Isaac's hair last week because he was starting to get bat wings on the sides:) Now he's extra cute.


Michelle said...

I'm so glad they have found something to help Autumn, it seems odd, doesn't it, that it takes them so long to do what probably should have been done the second time around? Bat wings...that cracks me up. He is a cutey!!

April said...

Hope Autumn gets feeling better soon! Love his haircut! What handsome little man! (Thanks for your kind words on Caleb's blog;) xo!

Lacey said...

I was so worried about Jax teeth grinding, because he's grinding his front teeth down to nothing! My dentist is trying to get his back teeth to come in more, and he'll put a film on them, so he'll grind those and not his front teeth!

Anonymous said...

Hey Isaac, I love you even with bat wings! That's funny...bat-wings. You're cute no matter what. Glad to hear big sister is starting to get better.

Love, Gammy