Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Haircuts And Mysteries

Isaac's teacher came over last week and helped him make this valentine card for me with his scribbles on it. I thought it was cute, but I already know that he loves his Mama!
I cut his hair for the first time ever yesterday. His day nurse used to cut it, but now I have to learn how to do it and it's not easy! He hates anyone touching his head and wants to turn around to see what's going on back there. Hopefully I can learn how to do a good job. He's been a little mystery man the past few days. After our weekend getaway, the nurse said that his heart rate went up really high and he was needing some oxygen. Last night he needed 1 liter of 02, which is really high for him. It's a mystery because his lungs don't sound bad and he doesn't have a fever or act like he has a cold. So I don't know what's going on, but he looks great so I guess that's all that matters.


Michelle said...

OH gosh, I hope he's not trying to pick up some stinkin' old virus...

Glad you could get away!

Haircuts..ugh Last time I trimmed Lillian's bangs, I caught her a few hours later trying to "trim" it herself...aiyaiyai
Love his picture, he looks so happy!

April said...

Oh that picture made me smile!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! Where did all your long curly locks go? Your new haircut looks cute. Now, maybe your Mama can comb through your hair better.

You're such a cutie!


Sherry C said...

I love the valentine and his cute picture love that smile. Good luck with the hair cuts. I always take Ashley to the kids salon they play cartoons on the TV and have toys around it helps. She doesn't like it either but we only take her once a year.

Lacey said...

Lovin that fancy haircut! What a little stinker! Maybe your monitor is acting up. Hopefully he's not getting a virus. My Tanner is hacking, so I'm praying its not the RSV virus and Jax doesn't get it!