Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Little Teacher

Isaac is my little teacher. He's taught me so much about what true happiness means. It's being loved and accepted regardless of your limitations or imperfections and finding joy in the simple things in life. Isaac doesn't need much to break out into a great big smile, a favorite song, a smile from a loved one or a caregiver is all it takes. Isaac would never want any of us to look at him with sadness or pity. He just wants us to love on him and have a good time with him.

After Isaac's ENT procedures, an anesthesiologist came over (one I've never seen before) to see how he was doing after the procedure. He looked at Isaac with sadness. He said a few things that I didn't appreciate very much about how grateful he was that his granddaughter is healthy and doesn't have a trach. I know he meant well, I don't think he meant to offend me at all. Some people just don't understand. I was getting a little annoyed with him and couldn't wait for him to leave! I felt like I needed to explain to him how happy he is at home and that he actually does have a good life in spite of his health issues and limitations. Since Isaac was recovering, he couldn't see the REAL Isaac, the one at home who has a sparkle in his eyes and smiles real big. When I see this picture, I see a little boy who just wants us to be silly with him and enjoy him. Don't be sad, that's just a waist of time!


Junior said...

Isaac you have such a great smile.
Colleen, these kids have so much to teach us. I run into people all the time who seem to think we want pity. That is so far from true, Junior has brought so much joy into my life and just wants to be loved, no pity here.

Lacey said...

You know, I don't understand people. Even before I was thrust into the world of special needs, I would have never said something so stupid to a mom! I've heard some really dumb things lately. Like, be glad your child is in a wheelchair, because my kids are running all over! Seriously, people really say this stuff!
It makes me think we aren't as close as I thought to spreading the word about special needs!

The VW's said...

I totally agree! Isaac has the BEST smile and it's obvious he is a very happy boy! In fact, I happen to think that our special kiddos are probably happier than most people in this world! Somedays I long to be free of all the worries of this world, and then I look at Gavin and gain a little bit of that peace and freedom....he and Isaac are the best teachers that I know! They spread joy like no one else can! Hugs!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Seriously - people say the STUPIDEST things. I was told in the store recently that I should thank the lord because my kid is in a wheelchair. That her brats are always running around and out of control, and I am lucky my kid can't do that.

Seriously? Ugh. I am sorry that the doctor (of all people!) made such a stupid comment to you. I am glad that Isaac is doing well!

MaryBeth said...

Colleen, I think most people in the general public don't have any idea what blessings our special needs children are. Each of us parents with special kids have been given a special gift from above & the eyes to see our children as God sees them. Others look with pity & lack of knowledge we look at our children as the blessing that they really are!

Anonymous said...

Amen!!! There's no since to be sad. Life is too short, and God meant for us to live it!!!