Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Musical Kid

We got an Ipad for a belated Christmas present a few days ago. I know Isaac can't talk or communicate much, but we know that he loves anything that has to do with music. The baby piano is his favorite so far. It's easy for him to use with his hand limitations.

Hmmmmm, this is interesting.Concentration really hard.....This is cool!
Our ENT procedures are scheduled for Monday. I'm hoping that he keeps those lungs clear and has good Potassium levels so that we can finally get it done!


Junior said...

so glad you got an ipad, looks like Isaac is enjoying it. Junior likes the music apps also.

The VW's said...

That is so cool! Have fun with that Isaac! And, stay healthy sweet boy! Hugs!!!

Devon said...

AWESOME! That's great!! He looks so intent!

Also hoping that all goes well with the procedure!

Lacey said...

Is Isaac on potasium on a regular basis?
That is a cool gift. It looks really sensitive for hands that don't move well!

TherExtras said...

He looks great!


Anonymous said...

Isaac, you look like a little, hard-thinking scientist or artist at work in these pictures.

I love it!!!

Love, Gammy