Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We have so much snow here, I've never seen anything like it this early in the year. It's beautiful and fun, but with a medically fragile child there are just a few things to consider. We need to have a game plan if the power goes out. Luckily he uses liquid oxygen at night, but we have to make sure that his other equipment is charged at all times. Getting him transported him to the nearest Children's hospital if we need to could be challenging too. Luckily we only live 20 minutes away. Some other things to think about are if the nurses will be able to get here or if they will be able to leave. During the big snow in December '08, we had a couple of nurses stuck here for awhile. One even had to sleep on our couch until Sam could get her car shoveled out!

So far, so good.

Here are some pics of our winter wonderland. Autumn and Brownie were playing on the deck last night and had a blast!
Our swing set over the weekend.
Gotta love a man who shovels snow with a smile on his face!
This morning after ANOTHER snow storm. The snow is getting heavy and icy.
Isaac has the right idea. He stayed indoors and snuggled up with his sister and a good book.


Alicia said...

WOW!! I think if we had snow like that around here, I'd be able to get into the mood for Christmas real quick! Around here, it's just really cold one day, mid 50's the next, and only a few flurries of snow. :-( Enjoy your Winter Wonderland!

Lacey said...

Going through the same thing here. Its the snowiest November in a long time! We have about 3 feet of snow already! The bad thing is our city is the worst at plowing. Even if I call them and tell them I have a medically fragile child and emergency vehicles need to be able to get to my house. They still don't plow like they should! Its so frustrating!