Monday, December 27, 2010

ER Visit

Well Isaac never had his Ear, Nose and Throat procedures done today. I had to cancel because he was sick all weekend. I'm hoping that 3rd time is a charm and maybe we can finally get it done in 2011. I rescheduled the procedures for January the 10th. (Shh, don't tell Isaac! )

While we were making dinner on Christmas Eve his heart rate went up to 175 beats per minute while he was just chillin' in the bed. I knew that meant trouble! By Christmas morning his temperature was high and he was very congested. He wasn't his happy and smiley self. The nurse came over in the afternoon so that we could go to a family party....a much needed break, I was so exhausted!! We had a blast, but when we came home the nurse said that his fever was higher. He also needed 4 liters of oxygen while sleeping.

By Sunday morning, he was lethargic, pale and his urine had a strange smell to it. I decided that it would be best to take him into the ER. I requested a urinalysis, chest x-ray and trach culture. His urine and chest x-ray was questionable. It looks like sisters cold got the best of him and in the meantime he acquired a urinary infection. The doc sent us home on antibiotics. Isaac is already regaining his color and not having the "in the zone" look on his face. Hopefully he will be back to his smiley self soon!


The VW's said...

Poor guy! Praying he is back to his smiley self real soon! Big Hugs!

Junior said...

Isaac I am sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well on Christmas. Big hugs and lots of get well prayers.
Merry Christmas big guy.