Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy Week

Wow, it's been awhile. Where do I begin? Isaac got his GoTalk device last week. I can already tell that he's starting to understand what he's suppose to do with repetition. It may be a process for him because of his hand limitations. Recently I added more OT in the home through private therapy. I'm really excited about this new OT as she really seems to know her stuff. He will get an extra hour a week in addition to the OT he's already getting from the school district.
Last weekend we went on a getaway to a resort that has a big indoor water slide park. Autumn wanted to go there as part of her birthday with her friend from school. They had a blast and the condo we stayed at was beautiful. It was fun going with kids, but hopefully sometime soon Sam and I can get away, just the two of us. We are overdue for something like that. It's not easy to go anywhere longer than a day with Isaac's health problems, limited nursing hours and family help. Isaac was being a turkey a few days before we left as he started spiking a fever and needing 4 liters of 02. I thought our week was going to progress into an ER visit, but after getting antibiotics in his system he got better. Thursday morning we finally have an appointment with the ENT to discuss looking in his right ear again because it keeps getting infected.

Isaac wasn't sure what to think about these pumpkins at first, but when he started banging on them like a drum he thought it was fun!


Lacey said...

I really need to look into one of those bumbo's for Jax. He looks so cute in his jammies!

Junior said...

Way to go with your Go Talk Issac and those jammies are so cute.

April said...

Hooray for your new go talk! He is such a cute little 'pumpkin' :)


sosnmuy lindo issac