Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cute Snuggle Bugs

Now that Isaac isn't needing oxygen all the time it's easier for him to snuggle up with with his sister in her bed. She really wants him to sleep with her, but I think the oximeter would keep her awake all night!

We will be seeing the Ophthalmologist soon to decide when to reschedule the surgery. Since decreasing the lasix his Potassium levels have increased, but I'm almost thinking about waiting until spring since we are going into cold and flu season again. Isaac starts home-based school this week with his teacher and therapists. Sometimes I feel bad that he isn't going to the school, but then the memory of him spending 6 weeks in the PICU last winter comes back to me. No thank you!

I've also been getting his new rooms organized. This is what a closet of a medically fragile child looks like. We have medications, Lysol wipes, gloves, tubes, bags, tape, diapers and of course the go bag in the corner. Everything is labeled for the nurses.
What does your closet look like?


Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen...It's Dawn (Isaac's summer PT) I love how close your family is. God's love is pouring down on all of you! I keep up on the boy with your sweet blog. I will miss him this year, but will hopefully get to see him next summer! Might get a few social visits though before then! :0) Just wanted to let you know what a blessing your family is!

Junior said...

so cute, love the snuggle pic

Sherry C said...

Wow.. love the picture of the kids cuddling in bed it's so awesome that he is off O2 isn't it. What a closet I hope you slowly need less and less of all the medical stuff as he gets older Ashley just has a bit of g-tube stuff in her closet right now .. thank got.

Colton's Journey said...

Your closet is by far more organized!

Anonymous said...

Autumn looks thrilled her brother is next to her, and Isaac looks happy and content to be cuddled up next to his sis.

My closet? Nowhere near as organized as Isaac's. It has no tubes, diapers, or Lysol wipes, just clothes. But, if it did have those items, I should be in an old folks home (lol!)

Love, Gammy

April said...

What cute cuddle bugs! That closet looks familiar! :)

Michelle said...

Oh my, I have closet envy...LOL. Our stuff is spread here to and fro since we live in an old farm house. I know it seems sad, but I'm glad you can keep him home, he surely does not need all those school buggies...YUCK!! Love the two of them together.

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

you gave me some great ideas for moriah's closet. i didnt even know where to begin with all the medical supplies!
thanks =)