Sunday, September 19, 2010


Isaac was feeling so much better today that we took him to the pet store on a rainy day. Autumn wanted to take photos of the pets with her camera while we were there. Isaac LOVES fish and his favorite movie is "Nemo." I really wish that we had an aquarium in our town. I know that he would really enjoy it!

He also got to pet a bunny,

See a tortoise,

and a cute puppy.Now that respiratory season is coming I have to get more creative about our outings. I can't take him to the park like we did most of the summer. I'm trying to think of places where we could have fun, but there isn't a ton of germs. Is that even possible? With the trach and his low immune system I have to be very careful.


Junior said...

Looks like Isacc had fun at the pet store. Love seeing how focused he is watching the fish.

Alicia said...

I have always been at a loss for where to take Rissa for some germ free fun. Options are so limited, but I really like the pet store idea! It looks like he had a lot of fun.

Cari said...

So glad to hear Isaac is doing better. Faith loves Finding Nemo too and spending time at the pet store!

April said...

I hear you- it's hard to find places to go and not get sick in the Winter! Looks like a great outing!

The VW's said...

What a fun idea! I haven't been to a pet store in forever!

I dread the cold/flu season! Summer is so freeing.....when you don't have to worry about germs quite as much. Our doctors have always told us that going to an inside mall is a good place to take kiddos who immune systems are fragile. So, that is usually where I take Gavin in the winter months, when we are itching to get out. Hope Isaac stays healthy this season! Hugs!