Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finding Balance

Since we had to increase Isaac's diuretics last week due to fluid retention, his Potassium levels are extremely low. So now we will be increasing his Potassium dosage to more than a monkey has after eating bananas all day. For almost two years we have been playing this balancing act with the Potassium verses the diuretics. No one really knows for sure what causes the swelling. All of his labs say that he doesn't have kidney, heart or liver failure. The doctors shrug their shoulders and say he probably has lymph edema.


Not really.

Do I stress out about it?

No, but I'm researching it just a little more.

Today his labs are showing that his blood sugar levels are extremely low.

Another mystery?

I really hope not.

On a positive note, my Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave from came over last weekend for a visit. They are from California. Isaac's Grandpa Billy, Grandma Jean and Cousin Chelstie came over too.

Here Isaac is getting some quality snuggle time with his Grandma Jean.

Aunt Karen bought him this really cool toy called an "Eye Spy Bag." Since Isaac is really sensitive to loud noises and he likes beans and crinkle sounds it's the perfect toy for him!

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Lacey said...

I had no idea how much electrolytes could screw up the body! Since Jax is on high doses of diuretics, his are always messed up!