Thursday, June 24, 2010


Autumn has been so cute with her brother lately. Now that she's home more she likes to play silly games with him.
I have some prayer requests for the boy.

Today we took him to the Pediatrician's office and they weighed him to see how he's doing with the lasix wean. He initially gained a few ounces of fluid, but now his weight is stable. His lungs are great and he's still on room air (most of the time). The Doctor wants to decrease his lasix completely as well as the Potassium. Please pray that he doesn't start retaining fluid and most of all that his lungs stay clear.

The Pulmonolgist office called yesterday to tell me that his
Immunoglobulin test is lower than the last one. For a long time he has suspected that Isaac has a immune deficiency. It's a mouthful, but we will just call it THI. Basically at 3 years old his immune system functions more like an infant. Instead of using the entire tool box he just uses a hammer and a wrench, but it works for him. He will be tested again in 3 months and if that test is lower than the last one then they may refer us to Seattle Children's where we can discuss the possibility of IVIG therapy.

Sam and I are becoming very anti-procedure these days with the boy. Isaac is happy and healthy for him right now and sometimes it's just better to let things be. It is something to consider though for the future or during respiratory season. Last winter he spent 6 weeks in the hospital and we don't want that for him either.

Other than that we are enjoying the weather and being able to take him out for some fresh air and sunshine. I'm going to get him a kiddie pool soon so that he can kick his little feet in it!


Anonymous said...

Isaac, it's true as we said will write your own book on your disorder. I will pray for your immune system to get better. God knows how to fix anything!

Love, your Gammy

Sherry C said...

I'm praying that his immune system gets stronger too, that has to be a big worry ..praying for your litttle man. I love the picture of Isaac and his sister. I'm glad she is enjoying her brother so much it's great to see.

Lacey said...

I so agree! When we had Jax last echo and they said his pressures are still a little high and that he could take him back into the cath lab. I thought, his heart is smaller, he's doing good, lets not rock the boat! Leave him be!

April said...

Oh your Isaac is so beautiful! (or should I say handsome:) I hope you have an illness free summer and hope his little immune system can be strong when Winter comes around again!