Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting Stronger

Isaac doesn't like sitting still anymore now that he can roll everywhere. He wants to go, as much possible, in any possible way he can. He's getting stronger and getting on all fours with minimal support from his PT. The goal is for him to eventually get up on all fours on his own, hopefully within a year or so. I can see him gaining strength, slowly, but he's getting there.
Next week the PT will be bringing a trial of the Kimba stroller so that we can see how he fits in it. Most of all it will have to fit our needs by supporting him and being easy to fold up.

We've also been trying out this new communication device where he can request that we sing him his favorite songs. He doesn't seem to like this one as much as the one from the Guild school, but he's starting to get used to it.
Isaac's been a little turkey lately:) On Thursday afternoon he was acting fine and then suddenly he felt like a firecracker and was acting cranky/restless. His temp was up to 102.6 and his heart rate went up to 190 beats per minute and even as high as 200 for a minute! Fortunately after I gave him ibuprofen, his fever and heart rate went way down. He hasn't had any episodes like that since, but on Friday morning the nurse noticed a bunch of drainage coming out of his right ear and he was tugging on it. The ENT office suggested using Cipro drops and then if he gets worse to take him in on Monday. I'm not sure what's going on with his right ear, it's been infected a few times over the past 4 months. He's a small tube man and he has unusually small ear, nose and throat tubes. Usually the doc can barely see inside his tiny ear canals. He's doing better today and he got to snuggle with his Auntie T, cousin Chelstie and Grandma Jean today. He even got to open more birthday presents too!


Sherry C said...

Moving around that is fantastic, such exciting news!! Hopefully the ear resolves itself quickly. We tried the kimba stroller and Ottobock stroller with Ashley and decided on the Otto bock I thought it looked cooler, less special needs looking silly I know but that seemed to matter to me at the time. I bet the Kimba has been updated since as that was 3 years ago when she was 2 times passes quickly. Ashley uses it at Junior Kindergarten for recess and trips to the library. I have to use a double stroller for her and Taylor.

Kristin said...

Abby has that problem with her right ear. The canal is so small that doctors can't see in it. Even when she was under having her cleft palate repaired they tried to see in that ear and couldn't really. They did discover that she had an opening way up there but it is too small for a tube.

We have those cipro drops too, but when she gets and ear infection we don't see drainage cause it usually goes to her sinuses. I'm glad the IB made him feel better.

Lacey said...

You know we have the kimb and we love it! So much better than a wheelchair! You know, even though Jax is not as mobile as he thinks, he just tries to roll over, I think he likes to be on the floor. We were running errands all day so he was either in the car seat or stroller, and by the end of the day he was crying, which is so not him. But when we got home and put him on the floor he was fine!

Junior said...

way to go Issac, so happy to hear about you moving and rolling around.

Alicia said...

Way to go big boy Isaac!! Keep on moving!
But please, stop giving your family a hard time with the fevers, high HR, and ear stuff! Cool it, turkey!

That stroller looks sweet! I hope it works for you.