Friday, April 23, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane it's......super Aunt

This is Isaac's favorite Aunt in the whole wide world.
My Sister-in-law Cassie has been through some of the hardest moments with us, especially the first year. It was overwhelming to think of coming home from the NICU with medical equipment and strangers in the house, so she stepped in and became one of his home nurses. She also traveled with us to several exciting trips to the ER and even went for a ride in an ambulance with him. I'm very grateful that she was there for us during that stressful time. She has now moved on to bigger and better things and actually works in the ER now, which makes the process a little easier when we arrive there. I didn't actually get to know Cassie very well until we had our kids 2 months apart, then we became more like sisters. Now that our kids are older, we take turns taking them to and from private school. This really helps me out because I don't get out much with Isaac in the afternoons. Here's a photo of Autumn and her cousin Donny when they were babies. This is still a typical day 8 years later:)People used to ask if they were twins.


Alicia said...

I love that you have a special family member that has come through for you on so many occasions. My sister is like that for us. It makes everything 10 times better, doesn't it?

Those pictures are adorable!

Have a great weekend!

Junior said...

love the pictures. So nice to have family members to help you out through the difficult times.

Anonymous said...

Those pics of Autumn and Donny are adorable. My, how they have changed since then. Glad Aunt Cassie was there for you in your stressful times, as all of us were. Supportive family members are worth their weight in gold.


Sherry C said...

I love sister-in-laws! Glad yours is as sweet as mine. Autumn and her cousin are so cute. They grow up too fast. Isaac looks great in those glasses.

Team Carter Jay said...

I LOVE it!

I swear that my SIL was the reason why I got through the early weeks with C. We're lucky, aren't we?!